And the winner is….

If you love reality tv series, such as The Amazing Race, I’m sure you’ve said at least once, “I’d totally go on this show” Well, it’s your lucky day. CWU’s CLCE is bring The Amazing Race to Ellensburg on Friday, March 6th!


The entire race is done on foot and in teams of two, you will be competing against other students as they pass through obstacles, answer trivia questions and go through mind-bending challenges at every. single. pit stop. throughout campus and downtown Ellensburg! There’s more to win here than just bragging rights, you will be competing for the chance to win TUITION WAVERS, which will be divided amongst the two team members. First place will receive $500 and second place $250!

If you’re a local business or organization, you can host a pit stop where the teams will complete a challenge! Participate in this great opportunity to not only win some cash for school, but to challenge yourself and learn more about Ellensburg! REGISTRATION FOR HOSTING A PIT STOP AS WELL AS COMPETING IN THE RACE IS DUE THIS FRIDAY, FEB. 20TH!!! So don’t wait to register, do it now! Visit CLCE in SURC 256 or call (509) 963-1850!


Party, Mardi Gras Style!

Didn’t book your ticket to New Orleans for Mardi Gras? No worries! As a part of the annual Black Film Series going on now at CWU, the Center for Diversity and Social Justice (CDSJ) is inviting everyone to the 3rd annual Mardi Gras Party. The music and cuisine will bring the festive and fabulous style of New Orleans to campus, and everyone is welcome to attend the party, for free! There will be traditional bayou delicacies including red beans and rice, creole gumbo, white beans and sausage, curry chicken, dirty-rice, bread and banana pudding and more. The festivities will kick off at 6 p.m. in Michaelsen Hall room 126.

Image: Mardi Gras weekend in New Orleans, Louisiana USA

A brief history of Mardi Gras:

Mardi Gras translates into English as “Fat Tuesday,” which is appropriate because Mardi Gras falls on the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday, and is a chance for people to indulge for a last time before the beginning of Lent. Many branches of Christianity observe Lent, in which people give up something, like eating meat, for about six weeks until Easter Sunday.

Whether or not you’re observing Lent, Mardi Gras is a fun holiday for everyone, and the Mardi Gras Party at CWU is a chance to learn about the history and tradition behind what has become one of the world’s largest celebrations.

Sister Act Adelee and Gentry Tonight at CWU: Fewer nuns, better songs

Whoopi Goldberg has unofficial ownership of the phrase “sister act,” so it’s hard to come up with another way of describing a musical duo of sisters that doesn’t conjure up this image:


That said, indie/folk band Adelee and Gentry may be a sister act, but their music is far from CONVENTional (see that little nun pun?)

Since getting their start writing songs and playing guitar together as children, sisters Adelee and Gentry Gates have recently emerged as artists to take note of in the indie pop scene. For the past five years the sisters, have been performing in and branching out of their hometown just outside of Dayton, Ohio. Adelee and Gentry are performing a free concert TONIGHT, Wednesday, Feb. 11 at 8 p.m. in the CWU Student Union and Recreation Center (SURC) Pit.

The sisters say that their current musical inspiration comes from artists like Sara Bareilles, Adele and Ingrid Michaelson, whom Adelee and Gentry admire not only for the artists’ singing and stage presence, but also for their songwriting. The sisters wrote or co-wrote every song on their first album “Nice to Meet You…” which debuted in March 2012. They have since released a holiday EP, “Waiting for Christmas,” and their latest single “The Color Song.” With unique vocal styling and spellbinding melodies, the duo has begun to garner the attention of such music establishments as Billboard 615 Spotlight and Music News Nashville. The sisters have appeared on local TV shows as well as local radio stations.

Tonight is the night to see the duo perform live! For a taste of their talent, check out this Youtube video of their cover of Lorde’s “Royals”:

Intramural Inspiration

The winter intramural season is drawing to a close – teams are headed into playoffs in everything from badminton to basketball – which means it’s not too early to start grabbing your friends and forming spring intramural teams. For many students, the idea of competing in a sport they’ve maybe never played before or haven’t played since high school can seem a little daunting, but here are some common intramural myths I would like to clear up after having given intramurals a try myself for the first time this quarter.


(This is my team, the Flying Unicorns. As you can tell by our team name, intramurals are all about having fun. Otherwise we would be the Serious Unicorns).

Myth 1: You have to have solid athletic skills to join an intramural team.

– Wrong! As long as you go in with a positive attitude and a willingness to learn, you’ll be fine. Most of the people on my indoor soccer team hadn’t played since high school, and one of our teammates had never played before, but we’re three and three going into the playoffs. Intramurals are for fun, not Olympic level competition.

Myth 2: Intramurals will take up too much of my time.

– No way! Games are typically twice a week, so if you have two to three hours a week to spare, you’ll be just fine. The games are also usually between 7 and 10:30 p.m., which alleviates conflicts with classes or other activities. Whether or not a team practices is up to the team members, but practices are not required. As long as your team has subs, it’s also not required that you attend every game. For example, one of my teammates is typically busy on Thursday nights, so he’ll play only on Tuesdays. We have plenty of guy subs, so this is no big deal.

Myth 3: I don’t have the money to play an intramural sport.

– Don’t worry! Intramurals are designed for college students, so a college budget has been kept in mind. The fee per team is typically about $50, which split between seven or eight people isn’t a big investment. Depending on the sport, you may need to purchase some gear, but this won’t add up to too much either. There are no team uniforms, so as long as you and your friends all have t-shirts of the same color, you’ll be good to go.

Myth 4: I don’t have enough people for a team, so I wouldn’t be able to play.

– That’s fixable! A lot of times teams without enough people will join together. If you want to go it alone, you can register as a free agent and join a team that way, which is a great way to make new friends. If you’re having trouble forming a team, don’t hesitate to contact the intramural staff – they’re there to help you get playing.

Myth 5: There’s no intramural sport that I would want to do.

– Have you seen the list? Just this season there’s basketball, indoor soccer, indoor flag football, bubbleball soccer, volleyball and dodgeball. In other seasons, there has been everything from pickleball to ping pong, and many of the spring intramural sports are outdoors.

If you want a chance to hang out with your friends, stay physically active and enjoy some friendly competition, intramurals should be your go to. For more information about intramurals at CWU, head to

Look out Justin Bieber, Canada has a new music sensation

Famed musical group Canadian Brass is set to roll through Central tonight, at 7 p.m. in the Jerilyn S. McIntyre Music Building Concert Hall. Tickets are $5 for CWU students, $10 for general admission and are available online at But act quickly, because the event is almost sold out!

CB Group

For more information, check out the Daily Record story written by CWU Publicity Center writer Chloe Allmand.

Too cool for school? Then hang out in a pool!

Dr. Seuss rhyming aside, what I’m really trying to say here is, you should go to the Pool Party at the Aquatic Center on Saturday, Feb. 7 from 9 to 11:30 p.m. following the Men’s Basketball game versus Saint Martin’s. I mean, it’s already Hawaiian Night, so what better way to celebrate the culture of Hawaii then getting soaked in a large pool with other students after the game?


Exactly. I couldn’t think of anything either. But, if Hawaii wasn’t enough to get you excited, how about free non-alcoholic drinks, food, pool games and prizes? See, I knew you’d come around eventually. Grab some friends and a bathing suit and I’ll see you in the pool. Unless of course I get chlorine in my eyes…that stuff stings.

Take a Stand, be a Green Dot



Assessing a situation of violence and knowing when to step in can be a tricky situation, especially for those who don’t know exactly how to intervene. To encourage bystanders to become active members in diffusing high-risk situations, the Wellness Center holds the Green Dot Bystander Training a couple Saturday’s each quarter- the closest one being this weekend, February 7th from 11-5:30pm in the Wellington Event Center! You will learn how to provide those in need with “Green Dots” which are positive influences and actions.

The goal of Green Dot training is to show that everyone has a hero inside of them and is capable of diffusing the “Red Dots,” the negative influences and feelings people m10897033_10153501364992586_103619601364302194_nay deal with in their day to day lives. In the three part training, participants first start by learning how to recognize high-risk situations, they then engage in the “self defining moment” which is when they decide whether to act or not, and finally receive strategies for handling the situation.

Don’t miss the opportunity to learn how to take a stand and bring positivity to those in need! Register by Friday, February 6th at and visit the Wellness Center in SURC 139 for more info.