Think high-risk drinking must be a part of the college experience? Not so fast.

Everyone has heard the stories – out of control parties, drinking from standing to passed out and run-ins with the cops Thursday through Saturday nights. Kesha’s in the background telling you that we’re gonna die young and Asher Roth loves drinking, women and of course – college. That’s just college life, right? Not exactly. Actually, as the CWU Wellness Center is here to tell us, not at all.

The Wellness Center received a grant from the NCAA that provides them with funding for a Social Norms campaign, the point of which is to, as Wellness Center Health Educator Andrea Easlick puts it, “narrow the gap between perception and reality.” The perception is that life in college intrinsically smells like beer, when the reality is in the statistics found in a survey done of CWU students last spring.

A main feature of the campaign are the posters that can be seen campus-wide. The theme this year is “Party Animals” and each poster features a different party animal character including Thirsty Terry the elephant, Kerry Kegger the rhino, Wino Willie the giraffe and Gerry Growler the cheetah. Thirsty Terry and Kerry Kegger drank five or less drinks the last time they partied, just like 76% of CWU students and the majority of CWU NCAA athletes. Wino Willie and Gerry Growler drink less than once a month or not at all, just like two thirds of the CWU student population and 47% of the CWU freshman population. So, if the clear majority of CWU surveyed students reported that they either don’t drink at all or don’t engage in high-risk drinking, why does it seem like an alcohol-soaked weekend is the norm?Party_Animal2

Imagine you’re in class on Monday, and someone is telling the story of a party they went to last weekend. Even if the details they provide are completely accurate – there were over 100 people there, everyone was wasted, the cops cleared it out – that doesn’t mean that that’s the average CWU student’s Friday night. There are approximately 11,000 students attending CWU and the student survey made clear that alcohol is not a necessary part of college culture. The sensationalized stories, like the infamous Four Loko incident, become ingrained in our brains, clouding our perception of what college life really entails.

When I discussed the campaign with Easlick she told me, “I’ve heard students say that they think high-risk drinking is a rite of passage in college, but it doesn’t have to be.” The statistics show that not only does it not have to be, but that for the majority of CWU students it isn’t. It would be ridiculous to say that there have never been raging parties here or that no student spends their weekend making memories they won’t necessarily remember. But it would be far more ridiculous to suggest that that lifestyle is the average CWU student’s average weekend.

Let’s just turn Kesha down a bit on the radio, and let the cloud on our perception of college life clear.

By Chloe Allmand, CWU Publicity Center

ATTN Incoming, First Year Students: Register NOW for Experience Leadership Project!

Do night hikes or rafting the Tieton River sound like fun? If so, sign up now for the Experience Leadership Project Sept. 16 – 18!

ELP_WCAEach September, before Fall Quarter starts, the CWU Center for Leadership and Community Engagement (CLCE) offers this 3-day retreat at Camp Ghormley in Rimrock, WA, located in the heart of the Cascade Mountains.

Designed for incoming, first-year students, the Experience Leadership Project gives new students a chance to make friends, develop a support network including CWU students, faculty and staff, learn how to get involved on campus outside the classroom and enhance leadership skills while experiencing the great outdoors.

So, what are you waiting for? EXPERIENCE your leadership potential!

Sign up at or call Joanne Perez at 509-963-2187.

Con “GRAD” ulations!

Here in the Publicity Center we have FIVE members, Jayme Newby, Jake Lunde, Jackson Scherer, Mark Stluka, and Keila Gordon, graduating this spring. Though we are sad to see them go, we are so proud of them for making it this far.

Keila Gordon is our Wildcat Access Marketing Manager and has been working in the Publicity Center since Fall 2012. She graduated from Arlington High School in 2011 and entered CWU as a sophomore, making her our youngest graduate at just 20 years old!! She is majoring in business and plans to move to Kennewick this summer and find a marketing job- oh and of course get a bulldog!

“I really love Marketing. I enjoy the psychology of why people buy what they buy and what influences them to buy things!”

Her favorite memory in the Publicity Center was when she got this job and “Hype” friend requested her, she was a bit delayed with a response (about two years), and when she finally accepted the request, our boss Mindy liked her post from two years prior about getting her job!

We are very excited for Keila, to see where she goes and all that she accomplishes! Congrats Keila!

Jackson, Jayme, Mark, and Jake are our four graduating Graphic Designers each of which have very different plans for the upcoming years.

Jackson arrived at CWU in the fall of 2010 planning to major in Video Production, however by his second year he decided he was more interested in the Art majors.

“I just kind of fell into Graphic Design really, I took a Graphic Design class in high school and I hated it haha”

With his background in drawing and painting, love of all art forms, and an interest in the tools of our new digital age he decided on the Graphic Design major and has been working here in the Publicity Center for the past year now. His favorite memory in the Publicity Center would probably be the day Jake noticed a sock hanging out of the bottom of his crewneck (He had just done laundry). Later he found another one of his socks on the ground in his Art History class! Jackson plans on staying here in Ellensburg for the next year or so to save some money and practice his music. He then plans on playing on cruise ships for the next couple of years!

“I’m going to miss the Publicity Center big time, it’s one of the best groups of people I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of here at CWU. Huge thanks to everyone for being so fun to be around!”

Jayme has been working here at the Publicity Center since the summer of 2013, creating various different posters including the Rock Against Rape 2014, Green Dot, the Spring Hype layout, and more!

“I got an amazing opportunity my freshman year and got accepted into the Disney College Program for Anaheim, CA. While I was down there I got the opportunity to speak with animator and my major changed from Exercise Science to Art. I then did some more research, took a design course, and fell in love with Graphic Design.”

Jayme plans to move back to the west side of Washington and to get a job in the Renton/Seattle area. Besides Graphic Design, Jayme has many other talents…

“I played lacrosse here at Central for four years and got asked to play on the Women’s USA team in Beijing. I turned it down though for my internship at the Publicity Center. I will also (hopefully) be coaching with one of my dear friends who went to Beijing next Spring.”

When asked what her favorite memory was here in the Publicity Center she told us she has a lot of great memories, but her most favorite were our staff meetings, decorating for Halloween, and of course our Disney sing-a-long days!

Jake is originally from Puyallup, Washington and has been working here since Fall 2012, majoring in Graphic Design. His plan after graduating from CWU is to get married to his beautiful fiancé, Taylor, and to get a job at a Branding Agency in Seattle.

“I wanted to be a graphic designer because I think I have an eye for it, and it’s what I find myself doing in my spare time.”

We asked Jake what his favorite memory was here in the office and he couldn’t name just one! He said,

“Just the overwhelming fun that I had every day, the witty banter, Justin’s dry humor, and the mix of people was just amazing. I seriously loved my time here.”

Mark is the newest member to our office! He started in Spring 2014! His plan for the summer is to intern here at the Publicity Center doing graphic design while enjoying the nice Ellensburg summer weather, and also to look for a job as a Graphic Designer in Seattle for the upcoming year.

“I wanted to be a graphic design major because I’ve always had a passion for being creative, and graphic design is a good way for me to expend my creative energy. As I progressed through the program I realized it was something I could see myself doing for a long time and feeling fulfilled.”

Mark is from Puyallup, Washington;
Something people don’t typically know about him is that he loves fishkeeping!

“As weird as it sounds… I have 2 aquariums currently, and there is something very fulfilling to me about trying to replicate the natural environment of tropical fish in an aquarium.”

Mark fit right in with the Publicity Center and we hate to see him go so soon, but happy we got the chance to work with him!

We’re gonna miss all of our graduates, but as we said before- we couldn’t be more proud of them, and we can’t wait to see where life takes them! Congratulations 2014, you did it!









Neil Tyson proves science can be funny

neildegrasseAn American astrophysicist, a science communicator, the Frederick P. Rose Director of the Hayden Planetarium at the Rose Center for Earth and Space, a Harvard graduate…. I could go on forever, but the most important thing to know about Neil deGrasse Tyson is that he is my favorite person in the world and he is hilarious.

Dr. Tyson has a passion for science that is contagious and will have you wanting to explore the universe in a way you never imagined. With thousands of tweets to his 2.7 million twitter followers, Dr. Tyson is on a mission to show the world that science doesn’t have to be as boring as the majority thinks it is. In honor of the most handsome, funniest scientist in the world (ok, I’m being biased), here is a collection of his most entertaining tweets.

Because we all want to go to Chipotle

Chipotle lovers can understand the struggle of finding someone to accompany them on their Chipotle craving, and now Eric Vitale and Sarah Prizzi have created the most epic “Do You Want to Build a Snowman” parody of life. Skip past the thousands of “Frozen” parodies out there because this is the only on you really need to see.

With that said,  who’s coming with me to Chipotle?

Let’s go shopping, she said. It won’t take long, she said.

Ladies, the next time you decide to take your man on a shopping spree with you, think again. It’s no secret that men hate shopping and now there is an entire Instagram account dedicated to documenting the misery of dozens of men who have presumably been dragged to the mall against their will. Photo after photo shows men suffering in their boredom, trapped in shopping hell.

Lesson learned: Next time, take his credit card and keep him at home. Now let’s take a moment of silence for all the men who have suffered because of our habits.



SOURCE: Miserable_Men Instagram account